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Seed Bank Rules

  1. A subscribed member may have a seed draw every three months.
  2. You can make a total of 3 selections from the Brugmansia Regular Seeds Lists
  3. You can make a total of 1 selection from the Bonus Brug Seeds
  4. You can make a total of 1 selection from the Bonus Other Seeds
  5. You can make a total of 1 selection from the Datura Lists
  6. You may choose 3 selections of pollen

General Seed Bank Guidelines

Seed and Pollen from either of the Seed & Pollen Banks are NOT to be shared with or sold to anyone other than the person who requested the seed or pollen. It is very important to mark all seedlings with the hybridizer's name and give them credit for the cross. Please take note that Brugmansia seedlings do not bloom true to the parents. People who donate to the seed bank will have priority over non-contributors. When a hybridizer donates his seeds to the BGI Seed Banks he has no rights regarding the naming of any seedling/plants grown from his seeds, but it is expected that if the plant is named the grower acknowledges who was the hybridizer. By ordering these seeds, I agree that I have read the hybridizing etiquette guidelines.

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